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Santorini volcano Hot Springs

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Santorini volcano Hot Springs

The Hot Springs of Santorini: Nea Kameni, also known as the volcano, is a volcanic island at the center of the impressive caldera.
Nea Kameni was formed around 1570 after a series of volcanic eruptions. Its highest point is 127 meters above sea level and boasts two ports; one on the eastern side (cove of Taxiarchis) and one on the northern side of the island (cove of Erinia).

Nea Kameni is surrounded by warm dark waters known for their therapeutic benefits. Visitors can reach the islet with tour boats that depart from the old port of Fira or Athinios Port and enjoy a swim in the hot springs. The healing waters of Nea Kameni consist of sulfur, iron, and manganese, which act against many diseases that older individuals usually suffer from. The warm water does wonders on musculoskeletal (arthritis, muscle stiffness, etc.) and skin disorders (dermatitis, eczema, etc.)

Nea Kameni also hosts the famous volcano that visitors can walk up to. However, careful walking is required on the volcano as it is still active – its last eruption occurred in 1953!

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