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Santorini Red Beach

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Santorini Red Beach

A unique spectacle and a site of rare beauty is the Red Beach of Santorini Island! So get ready to visit it and be amazed!

The volcanic eruptions led to the formation of this beautiful site that is visited by many tourists every year. Its surroundings of enormous volcanic rocks, black and red pebbles, and sand of various colors, mainly red, compose a wild scenery that attracts all the visitors and captivates everyone from the minute they step foot on this stunning place. Its rock formations and its interesting marine life make the beach also ideal for snorkeling lovers.

santorini red beach

How can someone visit the Red Beach?

The Red Beach is located in the south part of the island, in Akrotiri village, near the famous Akrotiri Excavations site. It is just a 20-minute drive from Fira town and apart from easily reaching it by car, you can also visit it by bus from Fira or by boat, through Sailing boat tours that run every day and cruise along the most prominent parts of Santorini. If you are traveling around by bus, make sure that you get an updated bus schedule as it changes during the high season months.

Once there, there is a small footpath, that you need to hike on, that leads to this imposing red-colored scenery and the unique Red beach. It is a semi-organized beach with a few umbrellas and sunbeds but without a beach bar, so make sure that you carry all the necessary equipment with you to get protected from the sun, and get provided with some supplies from the two canteens that you will find right before the beginning of the path. Also, note that during hot summer days, the place can reach high temperatures as the huge impressive cliffs around, protect it from the winds.

santorini red beach
Discover all the boat tours to Red Beach, make your reservation online and get ready for a unique experience!

santorini red beach

Want to visit the Red Beach as part of a tour?

If you are the type of person that prefers participating in group tours, there are many private or semi-private bus tours available. These tours guarantee comfort while visiting all the interesting and famous parts of Santorini, including Archeological sites and its beautiful traditional villages.

Should you wish to engage in a different remarkable experience in the sea, there are semi-private or private Catamaran or Yacht cruises sailing around the island, offering a full delicious greek meal, local drinks and free transportation from and to your hotel. These tours include visiting all the popular beaches, as well as other outstanding parts of Santorini, like the famous Volcano of Santorini, and offer magnificent views of the Red beach from the sea.

santorini red beach santorini sailing tour red beach santorini sailing tour red beach

Red Beach in Santorini is an extraordinary and unique place, with red being the dominant color, so a visit is definitely a must-do!

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