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Catamaran Itinerary Santorini

Santorini Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Itinerary Santorini

Santorini Catamaran Sailing Itinerary
Santorini Catamaran Sailing Itinerary
Our Santorini catamaran sailing itinerary starts form Marina Vlichada which is next to the red beach

A catamaran cruise is undoubtedly the best experience one can have in Santorini as in a short amount of time you can see some of its top attractions in the best possible way. You will swim in the crystal-clear waters of its most iconic beaches, such as Red Beach and White Beach, and in the therapeutic waters of the volcano’s hot springs as well. You will also enjoy delicious food on board as well as terrific views of the caldera cliffs and the volcanic islands that make everyone gasp. Those who book a sunset cruise will relish the most spectacular sunset in the world below the beautiful village of Oia.

There are plentiful catamaran cruises in Santorini and we have selected the best ones for you. The main differences among them are the food and drinks, the number of participants and the vessel’s size and comfort (luxury catamarans). All cruises include hotel pickup and drop-off service. Treat yourselves a sailing cruise and you won’t regret it since it is a totally rewarding experience that will enhance your vacation.

Where do catamarans leave from in Santorini?

Thira Sailing luxurious catamaran departs from Vlychada Marina, Port of Oia or Athinios Port south of Fira respectively, at 09:30 and sails along the west coastline of Santorini, below the captivating caldera. The first stop is close to the world-famous volcano and its healing Hot Springs.
Vlychada Marina is a charming harbor nestled in the southern part of Santorini island.

Situated within the picturesque town of Vlychada, this old-fashioned marina serves as a secure refuge for various types of watercraft, including small sailboats, speedboats, and fishing vessels from the local community. Additionally, it serves as the headquarters for the Santorini Amateur Fishing Club, making it a true haven for fishing enthusiasts.

So, If you have a passion for fishing, Vlychada Marina is the perfect destination for your holiday. Situated along the shores of the stunning Aegean Sea, this marina fulfills every fisherman’s dream. With its proximity to numerous secluded bays and nearby islands, Vlychada presents itself as a traditional, tranquil place, far removed from the hustle and crowded areas full of tourists.

What to do in Vlychada Marina?

Boat rentals are readily available right at the harbor throughout the year, providing you with easy access to exploration and fishing adventures.

Whether you’re seeking to embark on a fishing excursion, explore the captivating coastal beauty, or simply unwind in the serene atmosphere, Vlychada Marina welcomes you to experience the charm of Santorini’s maritime life.


How to go from Fira to Vlychada Marina?

To reach Vlychada Marina from Fira town there are two convenient options to consider. Each option offers its unique advantages, ensuring you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and schedule.

One of the most cost-effective ways to make the trip from Fira to Vlychada is by hopping on a bus. This mode of transportation offers an economical fare, at approximately 3 euros. The journey itself presents an opportunity to view the stunning landscapes of Santorini along the way while the ride lasts from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Buses from the Fira-to-Vlychada route are available five times a day, ensuring regular service. These buses operate throughout the week, making it a convenient choice for travelers with flexible schedules.

On the other hand, for those seeking a more direct and less crowded type of transportation, taking a taxi or a transfer is an excellent choice. Taxis/Transfers offer a convenient and speedy journey from Fira to Vlychada, reducing travel time to approximately 30 minutes, depending on the traffic.

While transfers come at a slightly higher cost, they provide the advantage of comfort and efficiency. This option is particularly ideal for travelers who value convenience and wish to reach their destination swiftly. For optimal convenience and effectiveness, it is advisable to pre-book your transfer service!

Ultimately, whether you opt for the budget-friendly bus or the personalized taxi service, your journey from Fira to Vlychada promises to be an enjoyable experience, allowing you to witness the unique beauty of Santorini’s landscape at your leisure.